CTRA-Brain Train

CTRA-Brain Train is a new technique that is part of the wave of the future in soft tissue and mind/body therapy. If the brain needs to be balanced on the right and left hemispheres, Brain Train teaches very quick and simple procedures to achieve accurate information from the brain and body.  A form of muscle testing is used to assess the skeletal, postural, muscular, neurological and cellular alignments to facilitate the achievement  of homeostasis. This is accomplished through a ten step protocol to simplify the process so anyone who learns the protocol can have consistent results quickly and easily. This procedure helps the therapist determine the best direction to manipulate soft tissue and organs to bring about balance.  

  • Learn new ways to make fast, precise, efficient assessments of connective tissue on your clients  
  • Determine how to balance the body's energy 
  • Pain Management
  • Demonstrate how to ask specific and precise questions for analysis protocols 
  • Perform a ten step protocol treating the body with light finger pressure that improves wellness 
  • Expand your awareness, sensitivity, and intuition  
  • Relaxation Techniques/Stress Management 
  • Learn how to tap into the unlimited power in the subconscious mind   
  • CTRA will save the therapist valuable time 
  • Learn how to gain fast results easily with no strain on your hands 
  • Chronic Pain Reduction

CTRA-Brain Train does not replace the diagnosis or treatment from a licensed medical practitioner .

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CTRA-Brain Train
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